Truly Exhilirating

Savanna Hill Resort is where people go to experience the best parts of summer, and every day is summer at our place!
We've got nice scenery, fun-loving trainers, flying fox, archery, and the camp magic that makes long weekend feel like a lifetime. Join us for an inspiring all-inclusive escape to nature, community, and play.

Teambuilding & Family Day

Tele-match, Nature Walk, Night Walk,
and Low Obstacle Course.

Kampung Walk

Explore the uniqueness of
Kampung Sg Tiram.

Makan D'Hutan

Having dinner at Makan D'Hutan or Learn the basic survival skills in the forest with limited sources.

Karaoke & Birthday Party

We have everything you need for a memorable party!


Play Soccer, Archery, Beach Volleyball, Bubble Soccer, Paintball, Futsal and many more.

Swimming Pool

Have a relaxing day by dipping in the large swimming pool by the side of the Hotel.

Nature Walk

Explore the lush green forest and the mystery that surrounds it.


Campfire and more activities.

Animal Feeding

Interact with deer and fish feeding.

Flying Fox

Feel the adrenaline rush with flying fox.


Pick fruits and veggies at Agrofarm Savanna Hill Resort.

Night Walk

Experience the nature at night and being left alone in the dark.